Welcome to our East Worthing & Shoreham UKIP Constituency Association website. It provides a chance to share with you some of the policies, priorities and values, which underpin UKIP’s determination to bring democracy back into our political system and to re-establish British independence from the European super-state. We believe the stakes have never been higher.

Currently, we have over 200 local members and supporters across East Worthing, Lancing, Sompting, Shoreham and Southwick, among a membership of more than 30,000 nationwide.  We are drawn from right across society: men, women, young, old, White, Asian, Protestant, Catholic, Jewish – and many more.  In fact, it doesn’t matter how many more, because UKIP is a universal party, where all are welcome, who subscribe to true democracy, fairness, respect and a deep feeling that we have a wonderful country and nation worth preserving.

Ironically, most of us never imagined we would ever join a political party.  Sadly, however, the failure of our traditional political elites and their willingness to abandon British independence has brought a great need for ordinary citizens like us to take the initiative and to re-shape modern politics.  It is UKIP – and no other party – that has secured a successful referendum vote for Britain to leave the imperial European Super-State.  Having come this far, we are not going to back down and allow saboteurs and traitors to undermine the full implementation of Brexit.

Four years ago UKIP had no elected representatives across the Adur district.  Now we have a total of 19 council seats and we participate to the full on behalf of our residents.  Our youngest councillor is in his early 20’s, while our oldest is over 80!

But achieving this level of influence at the polls requires a huge effort from all our members. Working as a team, we raise funds, recruit new members, select and enter candidates in every election without fail.  We produce election literature, canvass support from our residents and secure publicity in the press and broadcast media.  The skills base we have generated in just a few short years matches that of other parties, which have been around for centuries.  No wonder we are beating them, particularly when one considers the enormous energy we put into fighting our cause.

We know that team members work better together when they actually know each other, so we also run a schedule of social events throughout the year.  Working hard together is fun, it’s rewarding and it’s not long before members become firm friends.

Take a good look through our website.  If you feel UKIP stands for what you yourself have been saying and believing for years, perhaps now is the time to come and join us.

What is clear to us, is that if we, the people, do not take politics into our own hands, we will continue to be at the mercy of those elites, who demonstrate constantly, that they set out to rule us, rather than to serve us.  Many folks across Adur and Worthing are becoming only too aware of that!

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